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Delivery of new Cement Plant to Lagan Cement, Kinnegad, Co. Meath, Republic of Ireland

Working directly for Lagan Cement, Scotts chartered six geared vessels from loading points in Bremen, Germany and Rotterdam, Holland to orchestrate entire delivery of brand new cement plant for Lagan Cement. Shown below, are two rotary kiln sections on transport. Due to the abnormality of these sections which moved in convoy under police escort, the 80 mile journey from Warrenpoint docks to site, Kinnegad took an exhausting 17 hours to complete. In total, over 100 abnormal loads were delivered within the month of May 2001 to the job site.

The Lagan Group are building this site for the production of White Cement. White cement is the finest quality of cement available. The Lagan Group have made a multi million pound investment into this site. What started as a green field site, will supply white cement for the whole of Ireland and the international market.

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