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Did you know?...
In the UK, a load is considered 'Abnormal' if it exceeds 18.65 metres rigid length, 2.90 metres in width or 38,000kg gross weight, or with an overhang to rear of 3.05 metres

A second driver or pilot car is necessary if the load exceeds 18.65 metres rigid length, 3.05 metres wide, or has a gross weigh exceeding 80,000kg, or has an overhang to rear in excess of 3.05 metres.

Depending upon the nature of the abnormal load and the route chosen, it may be necessary to notify the Police forces and the County Councils involved, plus other bodies such as Railtrack or British Waterways. Scotts can liaise with the various authorities and make these arrangements for you.

Most Police forces are sensitive to extra-wide or extra-heavy loads. They are likely to insist upon an escort when the width is more than 4.30 metres on motorways, 3.80 metres on A roads, or 3.35 metres in towns, or where the gross weight exceeds 100,000kg. Certain Police forces will escort loads 4.00 metres wide on motorways at their discretion.
The Police require two working-days' notification prior to the date of movement, not including weekends or public holidays.
If the gross weight exceeds 80,000kg, County Councils generally require five working-days' notice of movement through their area.
There are no legal height restrictions. However, if the load is over 4.70 metres high, it is recommended that you check with our routing department.
Loads exceeding 5.00 metres in width need a 'VR 1 Movement Order' issued by the Department of Transport in London. These generally take two weeks to issue. These permits are not granted automatically and are sometimes refused.
Loads exceeding 27.40 metres in rigid length, 6.1 metres in width, or 150,000kg gross weight are subject to a Special Movement Order. These take at least eight weeks to obtain and are granted only for the shortest practical route distance.
There are three categories of notifiable weight falling under the STGO (Special Type General Order). Further information will gladly be provided on request.


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