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Below are featured the wide range of haulage units offered by Scotts.
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The movement of abnormal loads in Ireland is not straight forward by any means. Each county has different rules and regulations governing the method of application for permits and the restrictions on movement. Many hauliers have been caught out transporting loads in Ireland themselves without the correct permits and flouting the movement times governing movement without realising what they were doing wrong. Scotts have over 30 years experience moving abnormal loads in Ireland and have developed a good working relationship with the authorities. With regulations set to become increasingly tighter, it is good to know somebody knows what they are doing.
1. Tri-axle unit with 3 axle 40ft. flat.
7. Tri-axle unit with Jeep 4 axle low loader. (90 tons Cat.3)
2: Tri-axle unit with 3 axle 60ft. extendable flat.
8. Four axle unit with Jeep 4 axle low loader (100 tons Cat.3)
3. Tri-axle unit with 2 axle low loader
(20 tons)
9. Four axle unit with modular trailor.
(200 tons)
4. Tri-axle unit with 3 axle low loader
(30 tons Cat.1)
10. Four axle unit, modular with low deck, 45° steering (200 tons)
5. Tri-axle unit with 3 axle low loader
(45 tons Cat.2)
11. Four axle ballasted unit, modular with bolsters and independent steering.
6. Tri-axle unit with 4 axle low loader
(60 tons Cat.3)

12. Line of 20 axles

Extendible fleet of flatbeds

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Scotts motto is "Never too big to know; Never too small to serve". Scotts caters for the movement of all sizes of cargo. Some of our customers need flatbed trailers for the movement of their goods. Scotts equipment includes extendible flatbed trailers to maximise versatility and availability to move long loads. This versatility is shown at the other end of the scale by provision of modular trailers for heavylift cargo.

Scotts have invested heavily in equipment. All our equipment has scheda technica and paragraph 70 type approval documentation allowing us to transport abnormal loads of all configuration throughout Europe. Knowledge is power. Scotts experience in moving out of gauge equipment means that as a company we know the best way to move any type of abnormal load in any country. Although our busiest market is UK - Ireland, these two photographs show an 80T generator being delivered to Hungary, and a 75T Cooker being transported from Denmark to Ireland.
Extendible semi low loaders

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Extendible Low loaders

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Cometto have supplied Scotts with beds to be used in conjunction with the Cometto modular axles as low loaders. All the low loaders are extendible to 13m clear and have power steered axles. Waifer decks run at 0.40m high, allowing movement of high loads without costly delays on specified high load routes. Extendible 100T capacity bed and 150T capacity beam offer versatility for movement of heavy plant, transformers, etc. Vessel carrying beams with removable plant bed extends length ways to 20m clear and laterally to make bed of trailer 3.50m, allowing loads to be carried "between" beams, again giving crucial height advantage when moving high loads.

All Scotts modular equipment is supplied by Cometto, meaning it is all compatible and trailer can be built in any configuration required for a specific job, from 2 axles upto 20 axles in line for heavylift movements. Scotts recently supplied an 18 row flattop trailer in drawbar configuration, hauled by a ballasted tractor for the movement of bridge beams weighing upto 270T. The modular trailers provide versatility to quote for any kind of job and allow movement of all types of abnormal cargo
Modular trailers

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